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Professional Services

We are most interested in work with school district leadership that helps build long-term institutional commitment and an increased capacity to serve English learners. Such consultation typically includes one or more of the following areas:

1. Planning and Program Design

Assist with the development, design or review of the district’s Master Plan for English Learners. As needed, we recommend refinements or improvements in the plan. This usually includes work with a district focus group or task force.

2. Systems Development

Assist district leadership in the refinement of a work-plan and the development of systems that will ensure effective implementation, monitoring and improvement of programs for English learners.

3. Implementation

Audit the capability of the district and its schools to implement services for English learners, and recommend any necessary modifications or restructuring.

4. Professional Development

Assist in the planning of a long-term series of professional development activities for administrators, teachers, para-professionals and others, directed at implementation of the Master Plan.

5. Staffing

Assist in the development of a plan for effective recruitment, hiring and retention of qualified bilingual and English language development teachers and administrators.

6. Accountability

Assist in the development or refinement of an evaluation and accountability system for English learners.
Assist in the preparation for state or federal compliance reviews, and in the development of responses to findings of such reviews.