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The High Schools English Learners Need (June 2006)

The comprehensive high school is—if not entirely broken—in major disrepair with regard to most of the state’s English learners. The presentation presents five myths that stand in the way of the educational changes needed for secondary English learners to thrive in California’s high schools, and some suggestions on what schools can do to address them.

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The Road to English / El Camino al Inglés

(NABE conference, Phoenix, AZ, January 2006)

The purpose of this session is to empower parents with a better understanding of what language is, and how they can contribute to their children’s development of academic English proficiency without sacrificing a commitment to either their home language or ample communication within their family.

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La intención de esta sesión es proporcionar a los padres un conocimiento mejor de lo que es una lengua y demostrar varias maneras que pueden contribuir al desarrollo del inglés académico de sus hijos sin sacrificar ni su lengua maternal ni la comunicación amplia dentro de su familia.

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Six Keys to Managing Successful Programs for LEP Students

(NABE conference, Phoenix, AZ, January 2006)

The purpose of this session is to provide school district and school site administrators with tools for implementing successful programs for LEP students. We examine business and management practices as well as current practice in schools implementing successful programs for English learners and migrant students.

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Successful Bilingual Schools:
Six Effective Programs in California (October 2006)

A project of the San Diego County Office of Education

The purpose of this study was to identify schools with successful bilingual education programs, and to document their success.  It is not a comparative study, and was not intended to support or refute competing claims about the relative effectiveness of bilingual education compared to other approaches. Instead, the goal was to illustr ate that bilingual schools are capable of providing opportunities for students to achieve and sustain high levels of academic excellence even when faced with challenges such as poverty and a lack of students’ English proficiency upon entering school.

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