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English Learner Briefs
These are short papers about specific topics in English learner (EL) schooling, meant to provide practitioners with practical suggestions on how to employ best practices to improve instruction and programs for these students. Some of the papers provide guidance on how to reconcile seemingly conflicting requirements of law with research on second language acquisition or education in general.

Over the last 25 years, I have developed responses to questions from teachers, administrators and parents covering a number of issues in the following categories:

  • EL identification and reclassification
  • Overall systems issues
  • Secondary programs
  • Staffing
  • Socio-cultural issues
  • Instructional design and articulation
  • Use of the primary language

Briefs will become available online as time permits. Sources consulted for these papers include state and federal law, as well as research in education, second language acquisition, linguistics, and other sources. To keep the papers brief, only direct quotations from other materials are cited explicitly. Each EL BRIEF provides references and resources for additional information.

Feel free to contact me with queries about issues raised in these papers, or to suggest additional topics.

Permission is granted to distribute electronically or reproduce any of these documents as long as the content and format are identical to the original. Citation is appreciated.