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About the Firm

Norm Gold Associates was formed in 2000 as an educational consulting firm dedicated to ensuring effective planning and systematic implementation of excellent programs for English learners.

Brief Vita

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Extended Vita

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Norm Gold specializes in systems development for education, with an emphasis on language, learning, and equity. His experience in the field of English learner schooling spans over 30 years -- 21 of those with the California Department of Education (CDE). While at CDE, Norm managed the teams that monitored EL compliance throughout the state, directed the work of the categorical programs complaints unit, and served as acting director of the School and District Accountability Division.

His background includes: graduate education in language, linguistics, curriculum and evaluation (M.A. and Ed.D. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst), extensive on-site monitoring and coaching for schools and school districts, and several years of work and study outside the U.S. (Central America, Mexico, and Europe). These all combine to provide him with a unique perspective on how educators can make lasting improvements and hold ourselves accountable for language and academic results for English learners.

Norm has published articles in the U.S., and abroad, and is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences on topics related to EL accountability systems, language proficiency, instructional program design and evaluation.
Client List

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Recent clients include schools and school districts in California, the Arizona Department of Education, and the Department of Education in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In consultation with our clients, we collaborate with other education professionals as needed on selected projects. These individuals bring unique perspectives and additional expertise in curriculum, instructional materials, professional development, and coaching of teachers.